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Tips to get you a flatter tummy!

Have you ever wanted a flatter tummy? Wanted to get a 6-pack? If this describes you, you have probably found out that “Wanting” it doesn’t make your abs pop any more then it did yesterday. But, you are in luck, I have a few tips that may help you get closer to the flattest tummy possible.

Wanting or getting abs is something that many people want and the people that say that they don’t want it, either have a six-pack or flat abs already, or like swimming in a river in Egypt. It’s OK to want nice abs, but it’s even better to start taking steps getting closer to achieve it one step at a time. I got your back, try these tips and you will be one step closer just like that!

I remember when I was overweight, I wanted nothing more then to have a flat stomach, but it was always one of those things that I told myself was impossible and talked myself out of it. I always felt that there wasn’t enough crunches in the world that would allow me to see my abs. I’ve been there, I now know that I was wrong and I have acquired some tips that may help someone on their path that I learned while on my path.

Tip #1 to a flatter tummy – do full body exercises.

Tip #1 is also the hardest tip to uphold. The best way to see your abs is to lower your bodyfat %, and the best way to do that is to lose weight not just in your abs but everywhere. The sad truth is that your abs and flat tummy will e the last thing to show while on a quest of losing weight. But don’t lose hope just stick to it and keep chipping away.

What do I mean by full body exercises? Exercises like Deadlifts, Dips, Pull ups, Bench press, Squats, are perfect exercises that demonstrate Compound exercises, meaning they target multiple muscle groups, don’t like looking like a meat head or gym rat doing these exercises that you see almost everyone doing? Try these exercises that don’t use any weights at all. Burpees, Switch lunges, squat jumps, skaters, jumping jacks, all of these exercises involve multiple muscle groups and melt fat fast. Add these to your workouts and you won’t regret it.

Tip #2 to a flatter tummy – Stay Hydrated.

This one is important, make sure you hydrate, if you aren’t drinking enough then your body will store more water because your body will it won’t get enough throughout the day. This gives you that bloated excess fluid look, no one wants to look bloated, weirdly the best way to avoid that water bloated look is to drink MORE water. Simple. Yet very important.

Tip #3 to a flatter tummy – Learn to brace your core or suck it in.

This works well, learning how to brace or suck it in will assist in your journey to get a tighter core and six-pack. How to brace – easy explanation, has anyone ever punched you in the stomach? If not, get someone to tap you in the stomach until your abs harden as much as possible, this is called bracing. It’s your body’s reaction to potential trauma to your beloved soon to be six-pack. Master this without having someone tap you in your tummy and you have a great exercise to randomly do through the day.

On the other hand you can also just suck it in, suck in your tummy so much that is feels like you are trying to pull your belly button all the way to to your spine. (Yes, try to suck it in that far) This you could also do throughout the day. Or you could make it an exercise by simply standing tall and sucking it in and holding it for about 10 seconds. Do this at least 10 times in row.

The beauty about these 2 exercises is that you can easily do them while at work, behind a register, waiting tables, or even in your cubicle and no one would be the wiser. Undercover ab workout, you’re welcome.

Tip #4 to a flatter tummy – Find YOUR ab workout.

Figure out what ab workout works best for YOU and YOUR body. Many people don’t think about this one, exercises that I may love and swear by, you might hate or not feel it working your core at all.

For instance, I feel the most core activation during physio ball crunches and hanging knee tucks, while my fiance doesn’t like those ones at all and instead likes leg raises with me push her legs back to the floor when she lifts them. Find what works for you! Many people like planks, but me and my fiance both never feel our core being worked out at all with it. Yea, I shake, i’m in pain, but I don’t feel any stronger or see a difference in my core.

Even if you do the same ab workout over and over it will work better then doing many different kinds but not really feeling your core being worked. Trust me. Make sure you find the ab workouts that made you feel like your worked and your future 6-pack will thank you.


There you have it, these are my tips for a flat tummy and rock hard abs. Let me know how you like them or if you have any other tips in the comments. Have an amazing day. 

For tips on workouts to do that is updated frequently. Please click this link.

If you have any questions or are interested in online coaching with more personalized workouts to fit you, please let me know in the comments, or visit my site, thank you!





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My name is Martin, I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I've personally experienced the difficulty of weight loss and being a skinny hard gainer. It's really tough to do alone. Allow me to help you as your Health Coach; together we won't fail.

2 thoughts on “Tips to get you a flatter tummy!

  1. Nice post! I like how you did not just list a slew of random ab exercises to pitch a routine. Fullbody exercises are a must! I personally love sprints and heavy barbell squats. Pullups and pushups work the core immensely when done properly as well. I do not do much abdominal work, yet all the fullbody movements I do help me maintain and further develop my core.

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    1. Thank you for the comment, what I do/did is similar to you. I did full body exercises up until the point that I was able to see my abs. From there I added a single core specific exercise at the end of my workouts. But, during all workouts and exercises, I am bracing my core, (keeping my core tight). So basically every workout I do is a core exercise.

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