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Weight loss workout #2

This workout involves running outside or on a treadmill and then doing exercises in a super set fashion. You do the workouts in succession before you rest.

Warm up – 3 sets of each

  1. Jumping Jack x 10
  2. Pogo Jumps x 50
  3. Lunges x 20
  4. High knees x 20
  5. Butt kickers x 20

Workout – Jogging and running workout

  • 500m Jog/Run
  • Squats x 25
  • Squat jumps x 50
  • Rest up to 1:00 minute


  • 500m Jog/Run
  • Push ups x 25
  • Mountain climbers x 50
  • Rest up to 1:00 minute


  • 500m Jog/Run
  • Switch Lunges x 50
  • Burpees x 25


Great job! you finished now rest.

Don’t forget to stretch and Hydrate! Drink water!

For tips on workouts to do or a customized workout plan that fits you that is updated frequently. Please click this link.

If you have any questions or are interested in online coaching with more personalized workouts to fit you, please let me know in the comments, or visit my site, thank you




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My name is Martin, I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I've personally experienced the difficulty of weight loss and being a skinny hard gainer. It's really tough to do alone. Allow me to help you as your Health Coach; together we won't fail.

4 thoughts on “Weight loss workout #2

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words, I would follow my blog by clicking the follow button. Also, I try my best to post a workout everyday, so you can feel free to stop by once a day to see updates. If there are any type of workouts that you would like to see more of let me know and I will see what I can do. Thanks again!

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  1. Thank you Martin for following the All-in blog.

    I like this post detailing a workout anyone can do. You just took away any and all excuses for those naysayers on the internet. Great job sir.

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    1. You’re welcome, thank you for coming by and checking my site out!

      I try to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get started, or have someone to ask for help. I’m here to help.


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