Awesome time hiking for fitness!

Today, my fiance Stevie and I went on a hike Onoko Falls in PA. We heard the trail was hard from friends and also looking online. I haven’t been on many hikes and i’m assuming that it will be really fun and potentially dangerous since we did hear that many people have died going on the trail drunk or just falling off the cliffs while climbing up rocks.

So, we get there and we are prepared to go on a really hard and really dangerous trek we get there and follow the path that is opening up to us near a small river that we assumed lead up to the waterfall. First thing we notice while going up the only path that we could see is that there weren’t that many markers to show the way. We went up the steep and crazy looking pathway pushing past brush, branches, and big ass spiders and snakes. I mean, what the hell… we kept thinking this cannot be the path most people take, we jumped up 4-5 foot boulders, me climbing up and then reaching down to pull up Stevie. We kept pushing forward up this path that wet, slippery, against rock walls and cliff until we got up to what we thought was the top, or just higher than most other people have made it to. This is because the path was nowhere to be seen, so it had to be the top right?

Either way, we didn’t see anyone else on the path we were on the whole 2,514 ft. up that we went, but we could hear people in the distance. We came to the conclusion that we went the wrong way, due to there being absolutely no markers the whole way and seeing online that people take their kids on the trail, (I’ll be damned if a kid went the way we did. No offense to those hardcore parkour kids out there but let’s be serious.) so we decided to just go the way we came and head out. It’s all good, we were running low on water and Stevie was getting nervous, so it was probably the best idea. Going down was easier than we thought and way quicker. When we got back to where the little river was we looked around and see a couple walk up a different path along the river. This when we realized WE WENT THE WRONG WAY! So we just took a few more pictures along the river leading to the waterfall and headed home glad that we didn’t slip or fall going down that insane pathway. We made it! Finally! Safe and sound.

Here’s some pictures of the journey!


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