At home workout for weight loss

This a workout you can do with minimal room in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any weights or equipment. Today’s workout is a Tabata workout, this one is easy to a fun timer for. Go on YouTube and search Tabata songs, most songs will have countdowns on them, which are integrated into the song which is pretty cool!, Enjoy today’s workout!

Warm up – Do 2 sets of each exercise.

  1. High knees x 20
  2. Butt kickers x 20
  3. Straight arm jacks x 20

Workout – Workout will done in a Tabata fashion 30 seconds working out 15 seconds rest do 3 sets of each exercise.

  1. Jog in place – Regular jogging in place, try to get your knees as high as comfortably possible.
  2. Quick feet – Feet wide while alternating like a low quick run like a football player.
  3. Mountain climbers – Start in a push up position, face down hands firmly planted into the ground, feet fully extended behind you, alternate bringing each knee to your chest.
  4. Prone Knee Tucks – Start in a push up position, hands firmly planted into the ground, jump both feet up bringing your knees to your chest, jump or step them back out to the extended position. repeat.
  5. Burpees – Squat down place hands on the floor, jump feet back so that you are in a push up position, do a push up, jump feet back up, from a squatted position jump into the air extending your hands above your head.


Don’t forget to hydrate and rest more if needed! Take care of yourself.

For tips on workouts to do that is updated frequently please click this link.

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My name is Martin, I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I've personally experienced the difficulty of weight loss and being a skinny hard gainer. It's really tough to do alone. Allow me to help you as your Health Coach; together we won't fail.

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